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The Eros Bliss sexology course is designed for real people of all sizes, shapes, orientations, races, and genders. Our videos feature tasteful illustrations, techniques for orgasming, and various positions to achieve climax and pure sexual satisfaction. However, the benefits of this sexology course go beyond the bedroom. It has helped many people increase their sense of self-worth, gain confidence, and realize that they are deserving of life’s pleasures. It helps individuals and couples tap into their sexual prowess, understand sexual wellness, and aim for their optimal sexual health and satisfaction.


For Her

We found 5 courses available for you

Juicy Sex Moves to Satisfy Your Man

1 Lesson
10 weeks

Giving Amazing Blowjobs

1 Lesson
10 weeks

Best Sex Positions for Male Orgasm

1 Lesson
10 weeks

For Him

We found 5 courses available for you

The Female G Spot

1 Lesson
10 weeks

Cunnilingus Oral Pleasure

1 Lesson
10 weeks

Sexual Kinks that Women Have

1 Lesson
10 weeks

Hanky panky. The birds and the bees. The dirty deed. Make love. Whatever you name it, sex is a natural, normal, and practically inevitable aspect of our lives. A lot of sex coaches and sex therapists believe that the brain is programmed to yearn for sex, just like how we desire food. So much so that it is included in Marlow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Sex is, after all, how humans – and all other animal species – have survived for thousands of years.

Apart from its apparent function to procreate, sex could help in overall wellness in more ways than one. Sexual health is not just than unplanned pregnancies and avoiding diseases; it is also about understanding that sex could be a vital aspect of your life.

Sexual health is truly a huge aspect of life. It could influence and is influenced by other elements of health. That includes mental, physical, social, and emotional health. Having great sexual health suggests you’re careful, well-informed, and have respect for yourself and others. It also suggests sexually enjoying yourself in a way you’re relaxed with.

Whether it is masturbation, traditional sex, or other sexual activities, sex has been proven to help in improving cardiovascular health, boost immunity, reduce blood pressure, enhance mental wellbeing, and promote the bond in relationships.

With many vital factors at stake, consenting adults must understand why intercourse is something that must be enjoyed. Nevertheless, when your body starts to react differently to sexual stimuli – or in some instances, do not respond – it could be a big cause for concern for us. These sexology courses assist you in exploring the significance of sexual wellbeing to healthy living, the reason libido commonly declines as we get old, and what others could do to get their lives a huge boost in the bedroom.

Numerous factors influence sexual libido, such as social, physical, and psychological conditions. Nevertheless, the primary reason we see a sexual libido drop is the bodily changes that normally happen during andropause and menopause, usually in adults at least 45 years of age.

Stress can also cause libido to decline. If you’re too worried about deadlines, work, or taking care of the kids, you wouldn’t really be able to get it on in the bedroom no matter how hard you and your partner try.

For partners they might want help in returning that spark in their relationship or how to solve their mismatched libidos. Couples might wish to know how to become better partners and get a new set of sex skills. They might want to learn more ways to incorporate sex in their relationship, have more intercourse, explore sexual limitations, try new stuff and get more adventurous in a sexual way. They also might need help in settling conflicts or sexual problems, such as low sexual desire preventing them from having a fulfilling sex and love life with their partner.

On the other hand, individuals might need help to improve their low libido, lack of confidence, lack of desire, or help them learn how to convey their sexual identity in a sex-positive manner. This course can also help people tap into their sexual prowess and help them enjoy sex through different techniques and methods.

There is not a “right way” to feel sexual satisfaction. After going through this sexology course, you could begin with that rich fantasy life you have put down in your head. If you have a lover, they might celebrate it the same as you do! Discuss it with your partner. Know that sexual satisfaction is all about mutual interest. Adults who are consenting could be as sexually liberated as they want to be. Also, keep in mind that your lover will probably have a completely different set of ideas and kinks that they prefer.

Communication is Key  

Communication is the cornerstone of serious relationships. The basis for enjoyable, fulfilling, and healthy sex is a sense of trust in our partner. We can freely share our sexual wants and restrictions with a partner when we feel safe, comfortable, and trusted. Don’t be shy! Make your voice heard!

“I enjoy it when you…”

“I have a great time…”

“Would you want me to…”

Giving and experiencing sexual pleasure both need open, honest communication with a partner.

It’s About You

Some people are not in a relationship. Not all of us are looking for a partner. This begs the question, “can you still enjoy sex even without a partner?” Of course! You can make yourself come to orgasm even without a partner, and you can take your sweet time to do it. No pressure! We provide training to educate you on how to satisfy your own needs.

Masturbating frequently is acceptable and even beneficial. Orgasm not only reduces tension, but it strengthens the immune system and helps you lose weight! Enjoy whatever solo sexual activities offer you the greatest pleasure. It’s entirely on whether you achieve orgasm. As long as you or anybody else is not in danger, there are zero rules or “proper ways” to attain sexual pleasure.

Recognizing our sexual wants and duties is the first step toward a fulfilling sex life. We are, in the end, solely accountable for our sexual satisfaction. Then we may recognize our partners’ demands and preferences.

This sexology course can be very helpful for you if you’re having problems with your relationship, intimacy issues, or sex life, or if you’re battling with sexual discontent.

The thing is, if you believe you need assistance unleashing your sexual prowess and engaging with your sexual wellbeing, it’s probably not a bad idea to give it a shot.

Better Sense of Self-Love and Body Image

The first step in asserting your right to sexual pleasure is to believe that you deserve it. Your love and admiration for your body will grow as a result of sexual intimacy coaching.

Relationships Saved 

A lot of couples suffer from libido imbalance, in which one spouse desires more or various types of sex than the other. A relationship grows strained as they drift apart in the bedroom, and arguments arise. Knowing how to fulfill and manage each other’s needs and desires and bonding sexually facilitate communication in various aspects of the relationship.

Physical Health Improved

Sexual pleasure increases blood flow to all parts of the body, especially the brain. Reaching orgasms regularly can help with flexibility, circulation, and memory. When you discover sexual fulfillment, all of the mental energy you’ve been devoting to attempting to meet your desires will be freed up to focus on other things, such as your career or creative interests.

All ages deserve active, healthy, and rewarding sexual lives, whether they’re young adults discovering their sexuality or postmenopausal mothers of four. However, most people are left unsatisfied – not fulfilled – by their sexual interactions due to various physical, social, and psychological issues. But with our sexology courses and sex coaching, you’ll be able to engage with your sexual power and experience sex the way it’s meant to be enjoyed!

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